Third party component licenses should be compatible with project license

  • Major
  • Architecture

More information:

Your project is licensed under the {{ projectLicense }} license. However, the component twig/twig uses a non compatible {{ componentLicense }} license. You should consider either changing your project license or removing the incriminated component.

Time to fix: about 2 days
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Web applications should contain a favicon

  • Major
  • Performance

More information:

in /

No favicon found in the web root directory

Time to fix: about 1 hour
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  • /
    • Buzz
    • DataCollector
    • DependencyInjection
    • Resources
    • vendor
    • BuzzProfilerBundle.php
    • composer.json
    • composer.lock

Files should not be executable

  • Major
  • Security

More information:

Your project contains files with permissive permissions. In order to avoid opening a security breach, you should restrict execution rights on following files:

Time to fix: about 30 minutes
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PHP classes should not use magic methods

  • Info
  • Codestyle

More information:

  1. * @param $fn the function
  2. * @param array $args the arguments
  3. * @return mixed
  4. * @throws \InvalidArgumentException
  5. */
  6. public function __call($fn, array $args = array())

    __call() is a magic method, and may hide the class API to the user. Unless dynamic methods name is a string requirement, consider moving this method logic to a non-magical method.

    Time to fix: about 1 day
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  7. {
  8. if (method_exists($this->client, $fn)) {
  9. return call_user_func_array(array($this->client, $fn), $args);
  10. }