Text files should end with a newline character

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More information: https://insight.sensiolabs.com/what-we-analyse/missing_e_o_l

in .travis.yml, line 24
  1. - docker exec flyimg sh -c "CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN=20996649247bafadc73d7ed5aa45bfb5e3a7bee4c7d2edeef2a2d9626c6101d9 ./vendor/bin/test-reporter"
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  4. - sadoknet@gmail.com
  5. - baamenabar@gmail.com

    This file ends with no newline character. It won't render properly on a terminal, and it's considered a bad practice. Add a simple line feed as the last character to fix it.

    Time to fix: about 15 minutes
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