1 Configure repository and type

Use the SSH version of the repository URL

What if my repository is not reachable by SensioLabsInsight ?

To use SensioLabsInsight when your repository is not reachable by our servers, you can use the Hosted Git Repository option.

Give SensioLabsInsight access to your code

To analyze your code, SensioLabsInsight needs an access to your repository. Authorize the following SSH public key in your access control system:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDo9+okpxcHgcknvZZgE6pY+O/+iuD3wCTX+kISfvBuOI/iI3X6n7onu2FuhlzBJ57FU67YVhGuVaGr+4tZeIYB3TD+BWJ/8GGfJ6n/kW/A5Zgt8q5ub4WgMjSWk44dbSsuDhadiKopkMZUCd6h9XI7/nZusvloxeNEyVd1dp5JxyBYBEnp9mh34Nc+7o3o2b4fiO25hCdj7eVn2SsFxbacXSs1ivVLSeoXGRok/S5tIQgqzuD98Et8sySgBGokAZvyDEXiBc1djnMSFzoQwMHhaO6xjrvmWAmisHDB5JJxeluQ24TdLoo/yLOJ8v6ZYDcZgxGdvqjMXbfxA9UI5Wer 1694089860@SensioLabsInsight
Choosing the right project type will enable rules suited to your application